Sunday, November 7, 2010

Zoobies Are a Child's Best Friend

Tickles is pleased to offer the award winning collection of Zoobies, plush animals that are a friend, a comfy pillow and a cozy blanket . . . all in one! Zoobies are available in a variety of characters for boys and girls of many ages and are a great travel companion.

Zoobies are a plush friend, pillow, blanket
When I first saw a Zoobie, I loved the way it looked. Then, I discovered this plush animal flattens to become a soft pillow and then unzips to expose a big, soft blanket. I immediately got one for my son and he has loved it ever since.

A Plush Friend
Zoobies come across as looking like very cute, unique and soft plush animals. These lovable animals have a velour feel with a microbead stuffed head for ultimate squishability. Underneath are two hook and loop velcro tabs that can be released to turn a Zoobie into the shape of a pillow. Zoobies are machine washable.

A Soft Pillow
Open up the two velcro tabs underneath your Zoobie and this little friend becomes one of the softest pillows your little ones can lay their heads on! The extra soft velour feel polyester invites children of all ages to cuddle up with their cute friend for a nap or just to relax for a while. A great pillow for road trips or a visit to the grand parents!

A super soft fleece blanket is inside every Zoobie

A Cozy Blanket
Each Zoobie contains a super soft color coordinated fleece blanket inside. Unzip the side of your Zoobie to reveal the softest blanket ever. The blanket can be unzipped off the Zoobie as a separate blanket or it can be left zipped to the Zoobie. Whether it is for a daily nap time, for travel in the car or for a visit and sleep over at the grand parents, this blanket is sure to be a hit to keep children cozy and warm.

The Zoobies collection contains animals of all types and is available at Tickles in Bethel, CT. As a special extra, Tickles can personalize the blanket with the child's name for that special touch!

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