About Me

I am a 28 year old mother of 3 precious kids whom I love more than anything in my life. My dear husband is my best friend, and partner who supports me in everything and all the crazy ideas I come with everyday. I feel very much loved by him and everyone else in my family, especially my 3 brothers who mean so much to me. I adore and love my mom and always will. She will always be with me in every step of my life until I will reunite with her. I am from Colombia and love my country, it's culture and of course it's food.

So now that you know a little more about let me tell you how much I LOVE COLOR. I am a graphic designer and color seems to flow in my veins. I love to make new things everyday, I love to paint, take pictures, sew, write, dance, cook, drink a good glass of wine, go to see shows, foreign movies and most of all spend time with the family.

I am very simple person and I love unique things (different)! I love to make friends and Tickles is an adventure that full fills my heart with Joy every time I see my customers happy. So if you have not being to Downtown Bethel and Tickles I suggest you come down and see what we are all about! or if you have been, but haven come in a while keep checking because new and exciting things are coming to this little boutique!!
Hope to see you soon!
Thank you for stopping by my Blog!

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