Friday, October 1, 2010

Tickles Proudly Presents Pediped Kid's Shoes

I couldn't wait to for the first shipment of pediped children's shoes to arrive my store! They are finally here and they are some of the nicest kid's shoes I have seen, not to mention some of the better quality I have seen as well.

Boys and girls alike can benefit from the orthopedic nature of pediped shoes. This line of shoes is not only good looking, it also concentrates on the proper form for kids and their feet. Pediped is the best footwear that provides soft flexible soles for children from newborn to size 12. Pediped is approved by The American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development. In a few words our kids' feet will develop naturally with these shoes while also having the best in comfort and style.

Tickles offers the three different lines of pediped shoes depending of the kids' age and needs.
-The Originals® line for pre-walkers is designed to most closely mimic barefoot walking and the natural foot shape of a child.
-The Grip n Go® line is the perfect line to help toddlers transition from early walking to walking with a more confident stride.
-The Flex® line combines everything high quality, fine leather and a soft flexible rubber sole.

pediped features:
- Soft, cushioned leather soles
- Washable
- Memory foam technology
- Approved by podiatrists
- Stylish and comfortable
- Aid in the development of child's foot

Visit Tickles for the complete line of pediped children's shoes:
The Originals most closely mimic barefoot walking
Grip 'n' Go - The Perfect Shoe for the Active Toddler
Flex - Combines everything you would want in a rubber soled shoe

The Originals® most closely mimic barefoot walking.  
When children learn to walk they tend to shuffle, so rubber soles or shoes with grip, force children to change their natural stride and can actually make them trip.  Originals® have a durable, slip-resistant leather sole. They’re roomy so the foot can move and grip and they’re flexible so your child can actually feel the floor.  The hand-stitched leather sole allows your child’s foot to breathe.
Plus, Originals® have two layers of the highest quality leather on the market today plus a soft foam insert, so your child’s feet are protected while they’re on the move, INDOORS AND OUT.  Originals® are the most comfortable shoe your child will ever wear and won’t want to take off.
Children’s feet need to last them a lifetime so it’s important to start taking care of them from birth.  pediped® is designed to protect your baby’s feet from crawling to those first amazing steps and into the toddler years.

pediped® Grip ‘n’ Go™ - the perfect shoe for the active toddler!  

Pediped Flex® combines everything you would ever want in a rubber soled shoe.  High quality, fine leather and a soft and flexible rubber sole makes Flex® the “next best thing to bare feet”

Visit Tickles for the complete line of pediped shoes and turn your child's feet into little happy, comfortable feet!
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