Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Custom Personalization

One of the services that tickles offers is Custom Personalization. Soon I will show you what I am talking about, but for now here is a little taste of it with some of my favorite piggy banks, caddies, lunch boxes and growth charts!

Many of the items I offer in my store can be personalized. I love adding that special unique touch to growth charts, back packs, stuffed animals, totes and many other cute items. Whether the child is a boy or girl, into flowers, sports, princesses or trains, my custom personalization takes the theme with a variety of fun colors and turns a special item into the most special item!

I get very personal with all of my personalization. I love to add color and life to any item for any child. All personalization is done by myself, by hand and in my store and studio. The next time you are looking for "something special and different", feel free to visit or call as I am sure we can find that special item to turn into his or her special item.

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