Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Personalized Stationary

I am so proud to say that tickles is a store that offers a lot of personalization, from products to stationary. Tickles carries PSK designs which offers announcements, thank you cards, invitations, holiday cards and much more.

PSK designs is a custom modern graphic design business that works one on one with its clients to maximize the design works to satisfy their needs.  Anything and everything can be done from modern to hip.  The design will meet the client's personality making it a unique piece.

I recently completed a few orders for custom labels for birthday themes. The labels were to be attached to the party bags. I really enjoyed working on these fun labels as I took the theme of each party and incorporated some aspect of it into a very appropriate design and color scheme into each label. These labels were round in shape and full of color and imagination. They turned out to be a great touch to an already beautiful party bag!

Personalized labels can add the perfect touch to any party bags, the seal to a party invitation or just about anything one can think of. They do not "break the budget" and truly look custom, because they are. The next time you would like to add that special message to party favors, invitations, return addresses or anything else you would like to customize, feel free to contact me at I am sure we'll be able to create a magical personalized label for all to admire!

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  1. I love your Labels designs... very cute, original, colorful, and personalized!!!


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