Thursday, March 25, 2010


Blingerz are a rhinestone sticker made for your shoes.

Personalize your shoes with Blingerz BlingStripz. You can choose designs or colors that fit your personality and style.

Bling it out with BlingerzStripz. Put them on your shoes, cell phone, headband or folder. Be creative and express yourself!

Blingerz is perfect for:
▪ A give away at your next party Your friends will love them.
▪ Your dance team - Put a little Bling in your step !
▪ Your cheerleading or pompon squad - Bling out your
   shoes with your school colors.
▪ Your cell phone, folder or headbands - Use Blingerz
   Bling Stringz to bling out your stuff.
▪ There's no glue or mess - Just peel n' stick, it's easy
   and quick - Be creative and unique.
▪ Express yourself with Blingerz!

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